Optimal health starts with your mental health
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Why managingmentalhealth?

At Managing Mental Health we train you to recognise the signs and symptoms of those experiencing mental health challenges. Working with us will not only help you manage and improve your own mental health but show you how to be a mental health first aider for the people around you, whether personal or for work.

If you are a business looking to support your staff in spotting the signs, understanding what mental health actually is, then signposting them to appropriate support, we can help. Visit our ‘for business’ section to find out more.

If you are looking to make a difference in your own life, or you want to make a difference to those around you; friends, family, colleagues, then we have a number of different courses and workshops that you can use to start your journey. Visit our ‘for individuals’ section to find out more.

No matter what your initial reason to visit is, whether personal or professional, our mental health first aid courses have been designed to reduce stigma and raise awareness of mental health in all aspects of life. We enable learners to spot support and signpost their own and others mental ill-health.

You could save someone’s life.

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Scott was a brilliant help, and very patient. The training was easily accessible and very easy to understand and learn. Level 3.

The course is broken down very well and I found it very informative and very detailed. The suicide section really stood out for me as I’m from an area with high rates of suicide. I would definitely recommend Scott, the course and Managing Mental Health. The course pushes you out of your comfort zone! Level 2.

Level 3. It has taught me about being more open about Mental Health and being aware of it. It can make you feel empowered to challenge workplace politics, and also to understand there is help out there. The training resources and the course delivery was excellent and I would definitely recommend Managing Mental Health for mental health training.

It was a fantastic way of learning about mental health, Scott’s support was excellent. Learning specifically about Personality disorders was particularly interesting for me. The care plan is a perfect way of approaching someone in a crisis!

I really loved the course and feel its given me a tool box for me to help others when I meet people through my business I can help. It gave me a really good insight in to mental health and I really enjoyed learning about the care plan.

Everything was clear and thorough, in depth information. I have learnt an awful lot of stuff I can out towards helping others, thanks Scott and Managing Mental Health.

It was all really very interesting and has made me realise what’s going on around me with regards to other people with mental health issues. It also highlighted how easy it can be to improve your own mental health by doing some small but effective things.

I’m Dyslexic so listening to the presentation was vitally important to me, as were the accompanying videos and I learnt so much, and I work in the mental heath sector so I am really pleased!

Absolutely brilliant, really educational and easy to complete. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you Scott!

I really enjoyed the course, it has given me the confidence to be able to spot support and signpost people in need!!