Optimal health starts with your mental health
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scottAn introduction from Scott, MD of ManagingMentalHealth.fit

Am I weird? Well… I do love cheese sandwiches with jam on.  I absolutely love them. And do I care? 100% no. But there was a time I would never tell anyone for fear of being judged.
I’m Scott.  I’m 6ft tall.  I’m bald.  I’ve got quite a few tattoos.  On first glance I might look like a drug dealer or a football hooligan - I am neither - and I have suffered discrimination, socially and through self-stigma. I am not embarrassed to say, in the past, this has affected my mental health.

Back in February 2019, I wanted to jump off the pier in Brighton. I was low. Very low. Fortunately for me, my son and daughter there for me to talk to. I found a road back and learned about myself in the process. 

Now I know that suicidal thoughts are quite normal.  They can happen to any of us at any time. Speaking out is important and it is something I’m very passionate about. Through Managing Mental Health, I share that passion with the people that need it. 

I deliver mental health first aid.  That can come in the form of training at various levels. The training carries OFQUAL recognised qualifications.  That’s important for me and the business. It means the standards we are passionate about adhering to have official recognition.  I do not compromise.  Mental health is too important.

My aim is to teach you to spot, support and signpost the people in your life that need help, whether you are learning as an individual or as a person in business.  I have trained 100s of learners, both in the private and corporate sector.  After working with me, they are tooled up to promote a positive mental health culture.  And, let’s not beat around the bush, to save lives.

I work with a Leicester based mental health advocacy charity and look after their training and development.  I am also a mental health advocate myself, so I fully understand those in need of support.

I have a great team both in my business life and, more importantly, in my personal life.  Those people who help me be the best version of myself.  I am profoundly grateful for that.

If you would like Managing Mental Health to be part of your team and improve on your own personal or workplace positive mental culture, then get in contact now and let’s discuss how I can help. 

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