Optimal health starts with your mental health
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for individuals

First aid mental health training for adults levels 1,2 and 3, and for adults working with children/youths, level 2. Awarded by the FAA and regulated by OFQUAL.

Residential Mental health & wellbeing retreats in North Holland for those wanting to relax reboot and take some time out.

Only 13% of people in the UK report living with high levels of good mental health.

Here at Managing Mental Health we help you recognise the signs and symptoms not only for your own mental health but of those close to you through our First aid for mental health training courses.

If you are looking to support your circle of family and friends in spotting the signs, understanding what mental health actually is and then signposting them to appropriate support then we can help.

If you personally want to make a difference to those around you, and yourself, then we have a number of different courses to choose from.

On completion of any of our courses, you will be comfortable approaching anyone you come into contact with who may be suffering a mental health crisis or who may need support. You will be able to listen non judgementally, offer support and signpost them to the appropriate places.

You could save someone’s life.

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